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Friday, May 27, 2011 Released

Lots of bug fixes. Bluray.com switched to CSS style sheets and that broke some data retrieval. Added a new "Grid" view.

Still to come...ASP.NET based web service to support movie management via a browser. It will support browsing of movies and basic management of them (delete, add, update).

Download v1.0.3.3 now!

Friday, January 14, 2011

.171 Released

Contains bugs fixes, some improvements for blu-ray.com and better temp/cache folder management.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Basic Start Tips

  1. install the Pimp.
  2. goto Database->Manage-Create via the menu to create a new database at your desired location.
  3. start adding whole disks or indivdual files etc. via the File menu options.
    1. Add File -> to add an individual file
    2. Add Link -> add a movie to the database via a html link from imdb or bluray.com
    3. Add Movie -> allows adding movies via a user created list of movie names from  various sources. Sort of a "batch" add without browsing for the files. Best used when adding optical based media. You can enter all the disc based movie names and then search and add them in a group.
    4. Add Disc -> when a disc is selected, all the recognized movie types are found and then looked up individually or for optical discs, the movie itself.
  4. Also, it's a good idea to set the File->Cache Path folder. I put in a fix in .172 to work around a empty cache path. this is where movie images and such are downloaded to. A temp dir so to speak.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movie Pimp v1.0.2.168 Released!

I've posted some more details on AVSForum here. Feel free to link it up where ever you like.
You can download the latest via the Download section on the left here. Don't forget to download the dependencies: .Net 4.0 and SQL CE v3.5 SP2!

Please consider donating if you end up using the Pimp for you movie watching and ripping pleasure.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Working on a help video and/or some documentation prior to the initial release.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Pimp

This is the inaugural post for Movie Pimp blog . I am excited to finally release the Movie Pimp. It's been working well for me for some time now (over a year), but I am sure there's still plenty of bugs once more people start using it.  Below are a couple of screen shots of the two main "views".

Movie Pimp was created to solve the problem of tracking movie files/rips of my Blu-Ray and DVD media and storing them on various hard drives. Beyond just keeping track of what movie was on what drive on particular host, I also wanted to be able to easily view information about the movie: plot summary, a "movie poster" picture etc. to help me choose what movie I wanted to watch that night.

Movie Pimp does this and much much more...I've started to added home theater front-end features to allow browsing by remote control and leveraging Window's "auto-launch" capabilities to basically:
1) Browse movies using either of the views shown below.
2) Select the movie and auto-launch it to begin automatic movie playback.

This can be done via mouse, keyboard or now remote control (I own a Harmony One, but any programmable remote will work)

It can scan a directory or disk and perform look-ups on all "recognized" files (customizable). This helps migrate to Movie Pimp as you can then quickly import all your movie files in a sorta "batch mode".

Say you just got a new hard drive and want to move some movies from an existing drive over to it? Movie Pimp can do that for you and then update it database to reflect the new drive and or host (important for auto-launching of movies).

It can help you figure out what source/hard drive has the available space to create or move a movie too.

and much much more.

Since I've finished the primary v1.0, it has reduced by movie archiving to:
  • Rip movie to ISO or M2TS or MKV or whatever format.
  • Browse for movie (typically via network UNC path)
  • Lookup movie using "smart" lookup
  • Movie is added to archive.
Organizing your movies is flexible. I maintain two different databases: one for my physical optical media and another for my movie files. However, Movie Pimp support "tagging" of movies and thus you can use one database and view only movies with a certain tag or order them by a certain tag.

Movie Pimp makes your pimping of your movies a snap! Spend more time watching your movies and not organizing or managing them.